Unable to login with FMS data mangar

impossible to connect with FMS data manager ; isssue display error message No active Internet connection detected…but for sure my connection is on and perfectly working ! any idea to solve this ?
thanks a lot


Are you using Orange.fr by any chance?

If so, please see Access to Navigraph data became very slow - #10 by stephen, it seems Orange is having issues at the moment. You should contact them and alert them of issues connecting to Amazon Web Services.



Hello. No issue regarding Orange. it s really an issue with FMS data manager. Even After uninstall ans clean reinstall, Always thé same error message about connection. Error 99 says no internet connection…but connection is working fine on my side…

Well, are you using Orange or not? If so, see my previous message including the link to the other forum thread on issues with Orange connecting to AWS which we use.


Hello, yes using Orange ; but asked Orange if any trouble with AWS at this time in my area, and answer was negative. No trouble using navigraph charts in game with MSFS2020 , no slow down. Just this issue trying to use FMS data manager.

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