Access to Navigraph data became very slow

I never had any concern with Navigraph software since my first subscription in 2018, but recently access to Navigraph data became very slow.
I tried to make a fresh install with antivirus and firewall turned off. Downloading was very slow (network from optic fiber and no concern with other application or network speed test).
After installation, I didn’t notice any improvement.

In most of time “Navigraph chart” stay on “loading flight” for a long time.
Navigraph chart

When I launch FMS data manager, it stay a long time with this message before to open the addon list.

Also tried to open charts via “Chart cloud” and I have the same issue (even with firewall turned off).

Is there a solution to solve this issue ?


Any chance you are using VPN or proxy settings?

Any change to router software or other system software.

Please try connection to internet via mobile phone.


Hi Ian,

No VPN nor proxy on my personal computer.
I also tried with or on mobile phone (at work and at home) and get similar performances.




I have the same issue since few days.
Happen to the desktop app, on another android tablet connected on another network, and also in the sim EFB.

Also, access to to link account to the sim is very very slow.

Thank you,

Hi Team,

Can you please try connecting your PC system to the internet using a cellular phone.

Are you able to connect to the internet using a difference ISP?


Same here it got even worse today…


As Ian asked, please try to switch device and network/ISP if possible.

If you are having issues on your desktop PC, please try Charts on a mobile device, but make sure it isn’t connected to the same Wifi as your PC, ideally connecting also via a different Internet Service Provider (ISP).

With these tests we can help pinpoint if the issue is on your device or with your network/ISP.



Same here. Access to charts is very slow since last week, and impossible today. Fetching SimBrief data is also impossible.

I did a test : does not load when I’m using my ISP in France (Orange), but I can access it instantly on my phone on a 4G network.

Seems to be a problem with this particular french ISP, as other users reporting problems in this thread seem french too.

Sounds interessting.
I live in France and my ISP is Orange.

I use Google DNS servers.


Navigraph is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Please contact your Orange customer service and report the connectivity issues with AWS.

Edit: found a forum thread that might be relevant:



Is Simlink tied into AWS as well? I’m getting weird connection problems with Charts, Simlink and SimBrief that seem similar in nature.

Simlink keeps signing me out and requiring me to sign back in every 10 or 15 minutes (although the login page itself has loaded without a problem), and Charts is periodically losing its connection and not loading charts or flight plans.

I tried on my phone using cell data and it also had some issues.

If all this stuff is indeed on AWS then I’d definitely imagine it’s an issue on their end, but I really can’t tell.

Are you using the Internet Service Provider ”Orange”, are you in France? If yes, then it is then same issue as others in this thread are reporting. If not, perhaps your ISP has similar issues.

The issue in this thread isn’t with AWS but with the connection between Orange and AWS.

Yes our entire backend including Simlink is at AWS.

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Thanks, that’s good to know. I’m on CenturyLink in the US, so it must be an ISP problem as well.

I know a few weeks back some of us lost access to SimBrief for several hours, and we were all apparently on CenturyLink. Strange stuff.