Unable to install navdata

I use navigraph navdata center 1.0.7
After logged in, I pressed the install button, it shows installing. after a while popup a warning says downloader.

Today,I reinstall my windows and the sim, and use the clash to insure the net connect.
I still get this downloader warning, anyone can help?


As a test, please disconnect any vpn’s or Antivirus which might cause timeouts on your internet connection to Navigraph.


Hi, lan.

Turned off the Antivirus and the firewall&vpns, still get this warning. I also noticed the network usage and data received in a very small figures.

Please see the pic below,thank you.

My mobile phone hotspot works this out, its a network issue.

That was my next suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope you can sort the network issue.


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