Unable to insert EDDN transitions for both runways

Hi I am using FSX with the latest charts from navigraph. I am also using the Wilco A330. My problem is inserting the runway transitions from the FMC after I have selected the appropriate STAR. The transitions are in the navigraph charts and also in the FMC database so I can manually insert them. The transitions work in other airports such as EDDF or EDDM. When I insert the STAR it does give an option to display transitions, however when I press the all button no selections appear. Any solutions to inserting the transitions. Thanks Brian

Hi Brian,


In MCDU EDDN Arrivals if you scroll down to say STAR I28-Z, you can see Transitions DOD28, DOS28 etc.

Please post screenshots of your issues using Guide to posting Screenshots .


Hi Ian
Many thanks for your reply. Almost working. I have attempted to insert screen shots so hopefully they have worked. I followed your instructions ans selected EDDN28 on the MCDU and scrolled sown and found ils28Z, however no transitions appeared so I went back started again and aelected no trans ans DODAS 28 appeared and successfully inserted. No DOS28. I tried the same procedure for ILS 10, however no success. MY wilco 330 is the initial version with an update added.



Hi Brian,

I believe I am using the same aircraft with latest AIRAC 2202:

Then use up/down arrows to scroll to

The navdata is correct. If you still cant find the transition you are seeking, maybe ask in the Wilco forum.


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