EDDN/LOWW Transitions missing MSFS2020 Fenix A320

Good day,
I am using the Fenix A320 with the delivered Airac. I can not find any transitions for EDDN and LOWW to any runway. For example after the AKINI5T arrival for RWY10 at EDDN i should join the RNAV transition after UPALA which would bring me to RWY10.
FMS shows me no transitions available.
Thank you

sorry - this must be an user error because I can select the AKIN5T STAR and the UPALA transition without any issue in the Fenix A320

Here a screenshot (latest Fenix A320 version + AIRAC 2205 installed):

Selected and loaded without any issue here - you must something wrong sorry - can´t see any missing transition.


Well that is interesting. Thank you for looking into it.
I will investigate further.

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