Airframe Types Missing

I fly Pipers but they are not included in the list of aircraft types. Cessna 172 and other single engine Cessnas and Beech are there but no Pipers (Seneca, Arrow, Navajo, Chieftan, Cheyenne, etc.) Can they be added?

Was literally just going to post the same thing. At least one of the PA28’s that we have for MSFS would be great, preferably more than one. We have a nice Arrow and a nice Warrior, I was really pretty surprised there wasn’t a single PA28 variant available in Simbrief. Yes, people do fly hard IFR in MSFS using Navigraph. It’s fantastic!

Hi, we will look into this. SimBrief was created with the airline user in mind as the OFP or release is usually in an airline format. Having said that, we are in the process of creating some neat features for our new charts app that will cater to the GA pilot side of the house.

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Thanks for responding and coonsidering my request. I assumed SimBrief was primarily for airlines but since I did see some of the Cessna GA planes in the list, that prompted my inquiry. I’ll look forward to eventually seeing my favorite Pipers added.

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