Unable to Clear Discontinuity @KRDU


Today, I created a flight plan from Raleigh-Durham to Charlotte (RDU – CLT). After building this in the FMGS, as usual, there were a couple of discontinuities following the two manual flight phases. I typically remove the manual entries, followed by clearing the discontinuities associated with both. I was able to remove the ones associated with the landing phase. I was not able to clear the discontinuity associated with the departure phase. I tried a lot of different things but was not successful. It kept saying it was not allowed.


Was not able to clear the discontinuity between KRDU23R & CATAR.

NOTE: I was using the Fenix A320/Windows 11/MSFS 2020/current AIRAC.

Any ideas?

please can you post the whole flightplam, incl SID, STAR and IAP what you have used?

What does this mean? From where to CATAR? Directly from the runway 23R, or what?

… and you know that all SIDs out of KRDU are vector departures? Right?

Thank you

I did not know that. How dumb of me. I will get that for you. I’m sure you are right…

Better yet. Nevermnd. I’ll figure it out.


Hi again,
possible, I missunderstood your last posting, but you have asked and we try to help you but we need at least more specific details. KDUR23R & CATAR doesn’t show us which departure you have used.

When I enter KDUR from 23R and CATAR I got no discontinue - we have no more information.

Also, I had advised you only, that all departures out of KDUR are vectore departures, look at the charts please.

Have a nice day

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