TBM930 STAR not appearing

Hey all, I’ve just bought the basic subscription to Navigraph, I’m trying to do an approach into ZUCK using the AKBE9K STAR into the ILS-Z 20R. The G3000 WT mod picks up the ILS, but shows absolutely no arrival procedures. LittleNaviMap (using the Navigraph database) shows the procedure, and I’ve linked the WT mod to my navigraph account, am I missing something?

that has nothing todo with our navdata. As you have discovered, we have all the terminal procedures included but the MSFS scenery is outdated.

In the MSFS scenery you have only two runways 02L/20R and 02R/20L

… but on real, there are three runways 02L/20R, 02R/20L and 03/21

The problem is when a STAR can”t be assigned to a runway, the sim disables all STARs. As an example, AKBE8K will also be used for runway 21 but this runway is missing and therefore the sim disables all STARs. Sorry, that´s a sim issue with the stock scenery - we may not add or change runways.


Ahhh ok that makes a lot of sense, really appreciate your help, thanks :slight_smile:

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