Turbojet SIDs & STARs in a turboprop

I flew from KMSY to KATL and was given the GNDLF2 for a turboprop landing on the 27s.

  • GNDLF2 is a turbojet only STAR
  • HOBTT2 is for west ops

When departing KATL (for KMYR) I was given the GAIRY2 (turbojet only SID).

I attempted to manually review the route via the new tools and despite choosing the 27 arrival still was given the GNDLF2.


Thanks, it looks like the GNDLF2 is incorrectly coded in the AIRAC data as being for all runways, hence why SimBrief selected it for west ops. I’ve manually applied a fix for now.

When it comes to turboprops flying into and out of KATL, there are very few real world routes to choose from, so SimBrief isn’t always able to suggest a good prop route at first.

That being said, sometimes SimBrief’s Route Finder tool can find you a better one. Simply click “Open Route Finder” below the Route box on SimBrief’s options page, and click “Find Route”. Coming from KMSY-KATL, it gave me the following route: SJI J37 MGM LGC5.

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Thanks. Yeah, unfortunately the VA I’m in auto dispatches via Simbrief (thus that new feature of Find Route) isn’t available. No problem, I’ll plan to manually dispatch!

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