SimBrief assign STAR reserved for turbo

With SimBrief, I am trying to create a route KMCO to KMIA with a Baron 58 aircraft.
Simbrief gives me : KMCO/18L N0212F070 DCT DEARY DCT TRV ANNEY4 KMIA/26L
But as per Navigraph Chart, ANNEY4 is for turbojets and turboprops only (the Baron 58 is neither of them).

What am I doing wrong?


Hi, you aren’t doing anything wrong. SimBrief simply isn’t always able to find the best route for piston aircraft (it is primarily a tool for planning airliner flights).

The reason is there aren’t really any good STARs for low-level piston aircraft into KMIA. A query of the FAA Preferred Routes Database returns the following route for props (which doesn’t use any SID or STAR):


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