Trying to update airport map for C172 G1000

Hello, I am using Prepar3d V5, flying the Carenado C172 G1000. The map on the MFD shows Daytona airport (KDAB) as thin blue lines when I zoom in on the MFD map. I subscribed to Navigraph because I thought I could update the airport data, so it would show the actual airport map in the MFD, as it does in a real C172.

Does anyone know if this is possible, and how to do it?



You can use your subscription to upgrade your Navigation Data.

I don’t believe Carenado have included the Navigraph Charts API in their offerings. You might ask Carenado further about this.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for getting back so quickly. Offhand do you know how I would go about updating navigation data in Prepar3d, or should it do it automatically?


Hi Rei,

The Navigation Data is for your aicraft addons and does not update Prepar3D itself.

Please see FAQ - Navigraph updates for FS9, FSX and P3D only.


Thanks Ian,

I’ve searched you’re FAQ, and found a few answers, but this is no substitute for a comprehensive beginners guide. For instance I see that Navigraph AIRAC updates are for add-ons only, there is no guidance as to what add-on I should be using. In my case I am using the Carenado C172 G1000, but the aircraft itself does not appear on the FMS Data Manager add-on list. I did eventually find, download and install the ?add-on? from your manual download list that seems to be specific to my aircraft, but there is no guidance on how this is supposed to work? I updated that add-on with the FMS Data Manager, which seemingly had no affect on my specific issue. It’s all guesswork for me really. (Note: Carenado, while producing wonderful sim aircraft, has awful support. They are very slow to answer customer questions, and sometimes don’t.)


In FMS Data Manager, there are 3 tabs across the top.

In Settings, make sure the Prepar3D v5 is correct.

In the Addon Mappings tab press +Add, for Please select an addon… choose Carenado (all compatible products), for Install into…, choose Prepar3d v5.

In Addon List choose Carenado (all compatible products) and Update

For more information please see FAQ - Installing Navigation Data AIRAC Updates.


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