Truncate Flight Plan Depiction of a Procedure?

In the below map the LINCL1 Departure is being used out of KADW, but I only want to use it as far as NIKLE before turning southwest towards the destination KNYG. When I load this SID into a GTN750 flight plan, I can in fact edit it so NIKLE is listed as the last waypoint I use from the SID. Is there as way to similarly edit the flight plan as depicted on the Navigraph map? I know in this case I could easily just manually enter all the desired SID waypoints without actually selecting the SID, but that is not the point of my question.


Hi Al,

The LINCN1 SID terminates at LINCN (with transitions after that).

There is no facility in Charts to remove LINCN from the SID. It wouldn’t then be the LINCN1 SID.

As you mention you can manually enter the waypoints of the SID excluding LINCN.


OK, I understand LINCN is THE KEY waypoint in that SID.

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