Transition intermediate Points missing

Hey when i try to fly a DOMUX23 in EDDL
the A32NX shows the following route with navigraph data installed:
(missing DL402 DL403 DL404 DL 407…)

if i remove the navigraph data and use the MSFS internal DB it shows correctly:

Any idea what to do :slight_smile: ?

sorry for the delay of this answer …

There is nothing “wrong” and you do nothing “wrong” - such intermediate waypoints can, but must not be coded, when no constraints or course changes to the next waypoint will be made. That´s exactly in this case, therefore you have only the “corner” waypoints and the additional waypoint with the possibility for a holding.

The only “need” for this waypoints (and therefore included in the charts - and also included as waypoints in the FMC/S) to “cut” the procedure with a “direct to” or similar else. So, these waypoints are “un-important” for the pattern itself but important for any shortcut or similar.

It´s not an issue its only the way, how the different dataprovider code such patterns and Jeppesen codes only the “corners” or the real “necessary” ones without loosing of information …

Hope that helps,