Tollis A321 Airbus

Are there any plans to add Tollis Aircraft to the FligtPlan Downloads list?
I have seen FF Airbus in the list but no Tollis Airbus, and also VPilot but not XPilot.

Hi Edwin,
The normal process here is, that the devs inform us, when they need data or when they want, that we add their addon in our system. I have heard nothing from ToLiss nor from VPilot. Possible that the ToLiss A319 is fully compatible with the A321, than you can use this setup. I have no idea what VPilot is, therefore I can´t say anything about this addon.

Sorry, but there are possible a special reason, why ToLiss doesn´t want/need an update for the A321 … but we are here and will support every developer, when the devs need us :wink:


Thanks Richard.
FYI; Vpilot is VATSIM’s pilot client for FSX, P3D etc, and XPilot is their pilot client for XPlane11.
The sim pilot uses these pilot clients to interact with VATSIM.

regards Ed

Hi there,

Ed, vPilot and xPilot are in fact the same software behind the scenes, so they use the same flight plan format (vfp). However they are pretty much AIRAC-agnostic, so I wonder whether you’re thinking of SimBrief iso. Navigraph :wink:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Romain,

Understood, thanks for the speedy reply. I thought vpilot and xpilot were different software.
Just shows how helpful forums are.


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That’s what the community is here for indeed :wink:

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