Is Navigraph FMC data compatible with Project Airbus A32x family?


For a long time I’ve been flying offline with the Project Airbus A32x family. Recently I’ve become more and more interested in VATSIM, and got told I need the most recent airac and FMC data to use the VATSIM network. The only thing standing in my way right now is that I don’t know whether the FMC data that comes with a Navigraph subscription is compatible with my favorite plane’s FMC (the Project Airbus A320). I have the PMDG 737, but my pc only runs it at about 25 fps, while I get 60+ on the PA. So before people suggest buying a payware mod, that’s unfortunately not the way to go for me.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Hi, I don’t recall Project Airbus offering an FMC (at least, not officially). Is it possible that you installed your own panel or FMC into the aircraft? Or perhaps downloaded a merge which included another developer’s FMC?

For example, I know that a lot of people were using vasFMC with Project Airbus at one point. If you can identify the creator of the FMC you’re using we should be able to figure out if it’s supported or not.

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Thanks for the quick reply! You’re right. I think the initial Project Airbus didn’t offer an FMC, but every PA that you can download on freeware sites seem to come with the FMC that can be found on the following site: Free Nav DB Group » Downloads

If you need any more information to determine whether this FMC is compatible with Navigraph, please let me know :slight_smile:

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P.S. , you earlier mentioned the vasFMC, so if the one installed in my PA A320 isn’t compatible, would the vasFMC be compatible and thus the way to go?



From P4 of the A32x FD-FMC 2.0 User Manual you linked to there is reference to updating AIRAC and Navaids. It doesn’t appear to be a format we provide.

vasFMC does have a Navigraph updateable AIRAC database.

You might like to consider a one month subscription from Subscriptions to check it out.


Hi Ian,

Too bad to hear that the PA FMC is not compatible. I’ll try out the vasFMC instead then! I’m happy as long as I have an FMC, so thanks for the tip :slight_smile:. I’ll start with the one month subscription then as you suggested, and see if I can get everything working.

Thanks for helping me out here.

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You are welcome.

Happy flying.


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