AIRAC CYCLE 2202 Rev1 not recognized in the A32NX MCDU

I updated this morning the AIRAC base of Navigraph in 2202 Rev1 by the Navigraph NavData Center.
I do have the new package installed in the content manager in FS2020.
But, in the MCDU of my A32NX (updated with the latest development version of FBW), I still have the previous cycle indicated (January 27-February 23).
I never had this problem before.
I uninstalled/reinstalled AIRAC, deleted content.xml and regenerated it, nothing helped.
Can someone help me…

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Same here, Navigraph Navdata Center installed it and in the Contend folder it it says the date is 17.2.2022.

All my other Apps, LM, ASP3D, Aivlasoft EFB,PMDG and PFPX have the same prob, it named 2202rev.1 but the contents are 2201rev.1

Thanks for the feedback, that reassures me a bit.
I don’t know how to report it to Navigraph, there is surely a problem in the file delivered.
On the other hand, it is normal for the delivery to be dated 17.02.2022, this is always the case. The update has two AIRACs, the previous one and the last one that needs to be taken into account.

ok, but i checked all content datas at MSFS 2020, pmdg, pfpx, asp3d, LM and Aivlasoft… all has the date 23.1.2022

Hi Team,

We are aware of the issue and are investigating.

Thank you for your patience.



Thank you for your reports.
I was ready to reinstall MSFS !

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Hi guys,
please try it again now … simple go into the Navigraph Navdata Center, remove the cycle and re-install it immediately. It should work now … sorry, was an issue on my side. Thanks for your reports … and sorry about the mistake.



PS: I haven´t changed the revision - so same revision 1 as before because there were no real changes - only a fresh upload :slight_smile:

Thank you Richard for tour reactivity. I will do that tonight after work :grinning:

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Hi Richard, the WT CJ4 has the same problem. Does the solution correct this also?
Update; I saw your info above now.
I’ll try to test this later

Yes, therefore my second screenshot, which is from the WT CJ :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply. There are some tomatoes on my eyes. :wink:

No problem … manchmal sieht man den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht :wink:


Thank you for the quick fix, don’t worry, we are all just humans…take care.

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