There are no SID and STARS at the UHPP

At the UPPP airport, there are no departure and arrival schemes.

first, you need a subscription to use our data. The data what you´re showing are from the MSFS stock data and are completely outdated. The examples from your screenshot shows BAKE4E, 4G, 4L, 4M … which are not existing anymore.

Further, the airport layout is outdated because in real life you have 16R/34L as runways and not 16/34. That´s the reason, why the sim can´´t assigned our procedures to the runways.

The MSFS world:

against the real world:

Can only be fixed by ASOBO, sorry … I have checked all terminal procedures in our data and we have all Stars ie. BAKE5, BAKE5B, BAKE5N, BAKE5P, GANK5A, …but again, all these terminal procedures are connected with 16R or 34L but this runways doesn´t exist in the MSFS.


Thanks for the answer ! What if you try to install a custom airport scene?

When the runways are correct and the scenery is used the correct settings for terminal procedures, you should see/select it immediately. The procedures are still included … so there is no more task todo from our side.


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