The zoom function is still too small


There was already a thread here where people talked about the zoom function being too low. That was in November 2020, and nothing seems to have improved in the meantime. Because I don’t see anything at all in my home country of Switzerland either. Only in High Enroute and Low Enroute mode you can see through the holding circles and VOR/DMEs that there is an airport. The colored text recognition is also a help. But you can’t recognize the runways. On the worldmap there is nothing to recognize at all. Neither the few big airports like Zurich or Geneva nor the many small ones. VFR flying is impossible with Navigraph Charts, unless you create a flight plan beforehand.
Is there any improvement to be expected here? I am looking forward to your answer.

Regards, Marcel

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In the next major version of the charts apps the zooming capabilities will be greatly improved. You will be able to zoom all the way down to airport detail level seamlessly.

Stay tuned!




Wow! Pretty cool! Looking forward to it! :+1::+1::+1: can we get an idea when will the next chart update will approximately come?

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Will the zooming improvements include making text more readable? In SkyVector you can zoom in on everything including text.