Can we PLEASE have more zoom, especially on the World Map screen

I don’t understand at all why zooming is so limited on Navigraph.

On the world map page zooming is woefully unadequate, and when I am trying to see small VFR airstrips, they are all but invisible on the map.

Also, why on earth do you not display all airports on the world map? This would be so helpful when flying to any area to which you are unacustomed.




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It is a significant change to the Charts offering to increase the zoom level. We note you suggestion especially as it relates to VFR charts which are in the pipeline.

Displaying all airports will also be considered along with zoom and clutter.

Thank you for the suggestions.


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Thanks for you reply.

Here is the problem.

Look at this clip from Navigraph. This is maximum zoom level. You can only just make out this private strip just north of Sudbury (and there are hundreds of these strips around Britain alone.


And here is the same strip in OpenStreeMap. We need something much more like this. Also, surely the airports and strips should be marked on your World map. It’s a bit naff to have to use a second mapping system just to find an airport so I can enter it in ICAO code or name in Navigraph. Hardly realistic.

As you move to incorporating VFR charts in your product, it’s hard to see how they will even work with the current poor zoom levels. At present the maximum zoom level across an HD screen is around 50miles, leaving small strips as just a few grey pixels.

As a way of pointing out the problem, in the Navigraph clip above, there are 9 airstrips.

Can you see them? Almost impossible to see them, even if you know where they are.


tbf the world map lets down navigraph from a VFR perspective, i mean, i tried using it in conjunction with fs2020, and trying to make out the overall shape of a small settlement for example is impossible using world map… it would definitely help if the zoom was enhanced on world map


Welcome to our new forum. Thank you for your suggestions which will be taken into account in the next Charts version.


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