Map Magnification

Is there a way to get a higher level of magnification? I noticed that when using Navigraph Desktop version I can zoom in and actually see the runway and taxiways of a given airport. I really think this is an awesome feature. The problem is when piloting in (MSFS 2020) and opening Navigraph within the sim the magnification is totally gone at the same level that can be seen when using the Desktop version. Why is this limitation present? Is there a way to fix this problem?

In the video featuring the new VFR mode, you can see this higher level of magnification which is clearly not present when using Navigraph inside MSFS 2020.


The in-game panel is still on the old version of Charts (v7). We are working on bringing an update to the in-game panel. There is a separate thread about it: In game panel update - #93 by stephen



Greetings Stephen,

Awesome news! :+1: Thank you very much for the heads up. I’ll read up on the thread.