The only thing that doesn't work is LEMH - Menorca/Minorca-Mahon Located in Menorca, SPAIN

The only thing that doesn’t work is

LEMH - Menorca/Minorca-Mahon
Located in Menorca, SPAIN
ICAO - LEMH, IATA - MAH missing in AIRAC Cycle: 2208 is there any update

you have posted this in Simbrief API category, do you mean that the airport icao code is missing, or how should we understand this?

I have tested LEMH in Simbrief for a flightplan and this works as expected. Also the check in our database, we have LEMH in our database.

Therefore the report is a little bit it’s unclear.


What I mean was reloaded Simbref so what et is missing LEMH Airport they are missing in AIRAC Cycle:2208 because since I fly with FENIX Airbus A320 everything downloads to Navigraph Center if it is called the software can check again if it is included plus it works again

Because I got this download FMC in FENIX Airbus A320
INVALID F-PLN UPLINK Message When Importing From SimBrief
When clicking INIT REQUEST, you receive INVALID F-PLN UPLINK. when it came to LEMH - Menorca/ Minorca-Mahon can check what is there is an update on it

Sorry, I can"t really follow you and don’t understand your report.

Can you write your steps plus a few screenshots showing what you’re doing so that we see what you mean?

As I wrote before, LEMH is included in our data, Simbrief and all other 3rd party addons, including the Fenix.

Do you plan a flight in Simbrief and do you load this flight in the Fenix? Is that your issue? What happened, when you enter LEMH manually in the Fenix FMC? Can you enter it without any error message?

Please again, explain a little bit what you are doing and possible you can upload a few screenshots so that we can follow and help you.

Thank you

Hi, when uploading LEPA to LEMH to FMC, I can’t get it up at all even though I did a new update, but have you checked your databases to see where the error is because I fly Airbus A320 3d party is FENIX as developed so get back to me when you get an answer

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when you press request, nothing happens in FMC, see the photo