The new longitude

Mentioned this on the msfs forum but no response! Everyone is gushing about how great the new G3000 G5000 are.
Apart from CTDs, which I haven’t had for months, I tried a short hop from Manchester to Dublin.
No trouble entering the approach ILS 28L but it would not allow any arrivals. The only ones shown were for rwys 16 & 34!
Any suggestions?

Hi Richard,
this is an MSFS limitation. The reason is that the EIDW is outdated in the stock scenery. There is a missing runway and therefore the MSFS disable the terminal procedures.

Thats nothing what we can do sorry. This limitation exists since day one and there are a lot of such reports in the MSFS forum and here.


EIDW report:

As an option, what I have mentioned in the last posting. Use a 3rd party scenery, which reflects the real world. The terminal procedures are still included, so that would help to select the terminal procedures. By the way, there are over 250 outdated airports in the MSFS, so this can happen on other places too - it’s not limited to EIDW.


Hi Richard
I actually do have a payware Dublin and having done a few flights in the Longitude I am sure it needs improving!
I also did the exact same flight plam EGCC to EIDW with the Fenix A320 and everything was spot on. No problems with the arrival etc.
So definitely a Longitude issue!

Thank you very much for the Update and to share your findings. Much appreciated …


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