The Mysterious Simlink

Just loaded X-Plane 11.5 (Simlink previously installed). On this occasion, a popup message advised there is a new version of Simlink (
I like to keep everything up-to-date and have never had any issues in the past so I did not hesitate.
New installer downloaded, followed the usual prompts… piece of cake :slight_smile:
When I re-started X-Plane, the progress bar right to the point where the plane normally appears but then, on this occasion, a black screen and back to desktop?
Decided to fully un-install Simlink (via Apps & Features) and also deleted folder in AppData BEFORE re-installing Simlink and reloading X-Plane.
This time no popup message and X-Plane loaded without any errors
Suspecting maybe ‘update file’ download corrupt… visited Navigraph and downloaded version available…
Before proceeding with another install, checked the version of this download and… er… it’s ?
So, where did version come from and where did it go?

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