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I’m a new windows 11 user / subscriber to Navigraph. When I open my Navigraph Charts software on my desktop, the software is visually readable however, soon white artifacts begin appearing in the background and the program becomes unreadable like the screenshot I’ve uploaded.

Does anyone know how I fix this. I’ve never had this issue with any other program and my msfs 2020 is running on a second monitor without any issue.

Thank you, John

Hello John! Welcome to the forum.

This is a very rare issue, and unfortunately, there is not much we at Navigraph can do about it.
Looking around on the internet for similar issues, you can find a few very similar cases with other apps as well. Here’s what I could gather so far in terms of solutions:

  • Disable GPU rendering/hardware acceleration for the app (reference)

    • WARNING: This would have drastic consequences for the performance of our app, the map would likely lag to the point where it would be almost unusable. I will not recommend this approach.
  • Turn off sharpening in the NVIDIA control panel (assuming you have a discrete GPU) and/or configure the refresh rate to match that of the monitor (reference)

This is all that I have been able to find so far. What’s common between the above suggestions is that it is a GPU rendering issue (not using the GPU fixes the issue). Seems like playing around with GPU settings is the way to go! I know tuning the looks of the simulator using such settings has been popular in the past and still is to some extent, so perhaps that’s really a good place to start if you have made some modifications yourself!

I hope this helps somehow! As mentioned already, there is nothing we can do to fix this - it is a local rendering issue caused by something other than our app itself. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Kind Regards,

I went into my NVIDIA control panel and turned off the sharpening and now it’s perfect!!!

Thank you for the help!

Thank you for the update, that’s great to hear!


Kind Regards,

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