Terminator layer sync to simulator time?

The new terminator layer is very nice, but it doesn’t seem to be synced to the simulator time. When I change the sim time to be able to fly on the other side of the world in daylight, for example, the terminator layer loses its usefulness if it stays tied to real world time. Can synching to the sim time be implemented, perhaps as a toggled option?

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Hmm. The weather is not synced with the simulator time either, it assumes that you are using live weather. In this case, the terminator layer also assumes that you are using real time!

If you want, you are welcome to create a topic in the Wishlist dedicated to syncing the terminator with the simulator time! This would only work when Simlink is running though.

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Thanks, Malte.

I’ve heard that the weather in MSFS2024 will provide an option for historical weather, 24 hours back, which will help with that issue. But I would like to see the daylight terminator synchronized to the sim time, so I will take your advice and post it in the wishlist section.

Thanks, Alan

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