Tecnam P2006T Charts not showing

I have the Tecnam P2006T on Xbox X but I cannot get the charts to come up.

I have linked the aircraft using a code via my Navigraph Account. In the devices section I can see Flightsim Studio AG is linked and in the aircraft, I can view the Navigraph Search Page but when I search an ICAO I never get any charts?

I read that the P2006T was chart ready but I may be wrong? SU13 and aircraft up to date with unlimited subscription.


Hi! Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do here as we did not develop the aircraft or the Navigraph integration that it seems to have. I’m afraid that you will have to contact the developers of the aircraft and ask them what the cause could be.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Kind Regards,

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Hi Malte

No worries at all,thanks for the quick reply. Just wanted to make sure all was well with my link and account.

Great to know this forum is here, I’m about to purchase the PMDG 737 so I’m sure this forum will help.

Thanks again.


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You’re welcome! I hope you get it resolved!

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