Navigraph map fault

Dear navigraph team!
I would like to ask you a question:
during my flights today, the pmdg 737 and the fsreborn fsr500 showed the following when I wanted to switch to the navigraph map.
Why is that?
Thanks in advance


Are you on Xbox? Are you running the SU 15 beta?

Or is this on PC? Not on SU 15 beta?


Dear Stephen. Xbox Series S, and SU15 Beta are downloaded.


Thanks for clarifying that - then it is known:

Something in the SU15 beta has broken our maps on Xbox. All third party planes are affected; PMDG, FS Reborn, FlightFX, etc.

It has been reported to Microsoft/Asobo but no reaction yet: XBOX Navigraph utilities not working anymore SU15 - Aircraft - MSFS DevSupport

Revert to SU14 to get this working again in the meanwhile. SU 15 beta on PC works fine too.



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