Simbrief Downloader and Website very slow

Hi guys,
since about 3 days I have encountered problems with the simbrief website itself and the simbrief downloader.

website: The website response is very poor on my side. The login process does take really long until I am redirect to the new interface. Resetted windows and my FritzBox router completely with no success.

simbrief downloader: Ever worse is the downloader which is not usuable right now. It does try to establish a connection but fails again and agian.

Are there any server problems on navigraph side which is featuring simbrief. Navigraph login on the navigraph website works as it shoud do.

Have you got any ideas?

Hi, we are not aware of any general slowdowns at the moment. It might be necessary to contact your internet service provider as they should be able to identify where the connection is slowing down. From our end we can’t see that I’m afraid.

That being said, network issues like this are often temporary, so it’s possible this will resolve on its own eventually. Though it’s hard to know for sure.

For now, to get the Downloader working despite the slowdown, you can try to generate your flight plans with the “Flight Maps” option set to “None”. This will significantly reduce the flight plan download size and should mitigate the Downloader timeouts.

Best regards,


thank so far. The problem with the downloader is that it semms not to connect to the dispatch via my navigraph login data. It is trying to establish a connection to the server- but fails.

Maybe it is really a temporary network issue.

Best regards