SUMU - SIDs and STARTs charts missing!

no SID and no START for SUMU!!!
please provide these charts that are important for flights!|

There are no published SID/STAR procedures according to AIP Uruguay:

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Ad2-9.rar (8.8 MB)

If you find that charts are missing from our products, it is likely that it is due to one of the below:

  • Jeppesen (our data provider) does not cover the airport due to low amounts of their customers actually flying there and/or requesting them to make charts
  • The authorities do not publish the necessary information in a compliant way, making it impossible for Jeppesen to create the charts due to missing information

Neither is something that Navigraph can control, as it is regulated by real-world aviation authorities and airlines. We also cannot mix user-provided charts with Jeppesen charts due to licensing.

If the charts that you have uploaded are new and/or the authorities have only recently started providing them, chances are that they could be picked up by Jeppesen in a future cycle!

I hope this sheds some light on the situation and answers any questions you might have about the process.

Kind Regards,

@ rovari

Where are the SID/STAR in your attached file ?

It appears as I quoted from the AIP, non published.

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