Suggestion to be investigated in Nav Charts


I wonder whether the following suggestion can be investigated/implemented in the (near) future :
Before departure/takeoff and after landing at airports and while being informed how to taxi to and from the runways I always have to zoom in many times in order to see the ground view of the airport with all its taxiways, parking stands etc.

Perhaps it would be a good suggestion to add in the right hand top corner two additional “buttons” next to the “zoom in” and “zoom out” buttons.
My idea would be to call 1 button “GND” for ground view and 1 “STD” for standard view.
GND will stand for the option “100m/0.07nm view” and STD for the option e.g. “10km/10nm view”. In this way we do not need to hit the zoom in and zoom out buttons many times before takeoff of after landing.

By the way if STD is clicked upon and one person would like to zoom out even further he can click on the already existing zoom out button.

It is just a suggestion.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

Best regards

Johan Lodewijckx