Zoom in when centering aircraft while on ground

Hey! As many others, I really love the highly detailed airport diagrams that were introduced in Charts 8. I use them frequenly for taxiing, much more often than the actual Taxi / Airport charts (personally I find those charts quite combersome to use, mainly because there aren’t any taxi lines drawn on them. Only parking stands charts have taxi lines, but they sadly don’t display the current aircraft position).

However I find that the overall usability when it comes to these diagrams and zooming could be improved. For example:

  • When the aircraft is on ground and one clicks on “center aircraft” (the crosshairs symbol), the map should also zoom in to airport level. If this is too intrusive, maybe implement it as a double click (one click: just center around aircraft, don’t zoom in, double click: center around aircraft and zoom to an appropriate level for the current flight phase).
  • When the moving map is set to follow the aircraft, also zoom in after the aircraft has touched down (was already mentioned here).

Hi! Thank you for the feedback, a good thing added to the wishlist for sure!

Please try to stick to one wish per topic! Feel free to vote for and/or add your voice to the already existing topic that you mentioned.

Kind Regards,