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Hey guys,

I can still not understand why you changed to Jeppesen.
The LIDO Charts are way better, everybody I know says that, and you guys changed to Jeppesen.

It would be really nice if you switch back to LIDO Charts, or at least give us the choice between LIDO and Jepps.

Navigraph is a perfect alround package with Navdata, a perfect charts app, in game panels and add on integrations, but the charts are - compared to Navdatapro - trash.

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Hi Marco,

We are very happy with our current charts supplier so have no plans to add another supplier.

Please see also [Suggestion] Revive Lido charts - #2 by NAVData



I use LIDO charts at my current work, and have used Jeppesen charts in my previous work in the past, and I can say that without a shadow of a doubt, that Jeppesen charts are not in any way worse that LIDO, and besides the LIDO ground charts being better, everything else is (in my honest opinion) better in Jeppesen.


Not everybody says that. Please don’t lump me in with that group…LOL. Jepp charts are far and away better organized, and easier to use than Lido. Lido charts are akin to cutting all the important parts of the chart out, spraying a wall with glue, then throwing the pieces against the wall to randomly collect in a frenetic order.

I’m glad to hear Navigraph has no interest in downgrading to Lido.