Could we have Lido charts?

I know this has been requested before. But now Aerosoft announced it will discontinue NavDataPro services at the end of 2024.
With this in mind, it would be great if Navigraph could diversify and offer, in addition to Jeppesen, as an alternative, Lido charts.

I second this. I’ve been with Navigraph since before it was even Navigraph (I think I submitted procedures to back in the day) and have been a customer of Navigraph for a very long time as well. (I’m so old school I remember Navtech.)

I have always loved Navigraph solutions and software. But I have also always loved LIDO charts over Jepps.

Now, I fully understand that you have a good relationship with Jepp. I also understand that they have a broader coverage than LIDO. And I fully support your decision to keep Jepp as a default option.

But I would very much like to be able to pay extra for LIDO coverage, please?

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Jeppesen charts were chosen by us based on customer demand. We are happy with them and don’t plan to add LIDO charts.



No good news but thanks for the answer, Ian. Besides there is a new publisher that offers Lido charts.

While Lido is better looking, I’ll take the better coverage of Jeppesen any day!

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