Feature request - Auto-pin charts

When I create a flight plan or import one from Simbrief I always want to pin the same charts, the 10-9 for my origin, my SID, STAR, approach and 10-9 for destination. It’s not that big of a deal but it would be super nice if there where a button that could pin all those charts automatically.

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Auto pinning is planned for the next major Charts release which will shortly enter beta test phase.


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Oh, that’s awesome news!

I just came here to make the exact same feature request. Looking forward to the next major release even more now!

Great news! Will that be an opened or closed beta?

I have requested this feature since several years now, again and again.
And always with the same answer “in the next big update”

Meanwhile I do not have any hopes to get it (even soon) :upside_down_face:

Hi Team,

Please see Navigraph Charts beta testing starting soon!


thx for the hint.

Is thera a list which features we could expect in that Beta (or next version)?

Not really a list, but rather a totally new user interface with zoom from way out to way in, and many goodies. If interested maybe register as a potential tester


Signed up, unfortunately have not yet been chosen