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Guys, I’m from India and i know that there is an issue with accepting Indian cards to sign up for a subscription with Navigraph. Has anyone found a workaround? It’s quite furstrating when we want to pay but are unable to do so because of international rules! Can’t we just directly pay-pal you the amount for a year?

I’m having the same issue. There should be another way to make a payment? I guess I’ll just submit a ticket and see.

Edit - I guess the contact support leads me back to the forums. Can someone from the Navigraph team please help? I have an internationally working credit card that just gets declined on the payment gateway. Paypal transactions also get declined for some reason. This is not the case for other international purchases I made just today.

Hi Clint. Hello Nagar. (I hope these are your first names, otherwise I apologize).

I understand your frustration regarding payments. We know there are some problems with recurring payments from India. We have received several other reports similar to yours. We are trying our best to solve them.

Currently we are working two paths:

  1. KYC
    Some users have reported that they have been successful by completing a KYC (Know Your Client/Customer) process with the bank which issued their card. Perhaps you want to investigate this option?

  2. Interface between Bank and Credit Card Payment Gateway
    We have also received reports that there should be an agreement between the credit card payment gatway company and the bank which issued your card for recurring payments to be possible. It seems like our current payment gateway company doesn’t have such an agreement. We are therefore in the process of changing providers to a larger company, hoping that this agreement exists between them and the relevant banks in India.

We have been suggested to allow for one time payment, receive direct transfers via PayPal, or even direct bank transfer. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any of these ad hoc solutions because of the amount of administration involved.

I hope to be able to return to you with better news sometime soon when the new payment gateway has been implemented on our side. In the meanwhile, please investigate KYC with your banks to see if this is a path forward.

Kind regards



Hello Magnus, thanks for taking the time to reply!

Yes I’ve checked with my bank and it doesn’t seem to be a KYC issue or anything on those lines. As per them, i can use my card for online/international transcations. I honestly feel an adhoc payment, even if it’s for the time being would be a great solution. It’s unfortunate when a customer wants to pay for a service but can’t do so because of such issues. I’m happy to pay a handling/admin fee if required because it’s an adhoc payment.

Thank you


Thanks for your reply Magnus.

I completely agree with Clinton. While I understand that ad hoc solutions will increase administration costs, I think a temporary measure to allow it while this issue is solved should be a great way to begin with. Even I checked with my bank. International payments still go through. It’s just the subscriptions that are getting hit. And like Clinton said, I don’t mind an admin fee either.

Anyway, I’m trying to get my friend to subscribe on my behalf, but its really getting to me to go this far to pay for a service :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

Hi Akshay and Clinton.

May I ask if you are currently subscribing to any other service? Netflix? Spotfy? HBO? Or similar service?

I am asking because we would like to find some other subscription service where transactions succeed and investigate that setup.



Hi Magnus

I use Spotify, YouTube premium, Google Play pass, Google one. They all work just fine. I assume because they have their own Indian version.

I also use Microsoft Xbox game pass. I have noticed that while my card works here, it always fails to auto renew and i need to manually pay each month. This used to also be the behaviour i had with navigraph earlier and i used to just login and pay through PayPal using the same card.

Now nothing works however. I’ve tried everything from different bank cards, to virtual credit cards etc.

Im honestly not comfortable as asking a person in the us to pay for this either as it would get messy with password sharing etc.

Thank you.


me too suffering from subscription renewal


Could you be more specific please? Which payment method? What happens?



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I have used credit cards of 3 different banks and also PayPal but payment not succeed. Credit cards are okay in all respect and enable for international transaction.

I see you are from India so I have moved you to this existing thread. If you check your posts above you can read about the problems we have with customers in India. It is due to some regulation in India restricting subscription payments.

Could you contact PayPal support and ask them why it fails and what they can do to resolve the issue? They are one of the biggest payment providers in the world, and if they can’t process subscription payments from India then I’m not really sure what else we could do.



@maxholt Hello :slight_smile: Yes, I do subscribe to Spotify and Netflix, but like Clinton says, they have their own Indian Payment gateways. I in particular, use the same card I use on Paypal, and Navigraph. However there are other payment options like UPI, Netbanking that works through different portals (Razorpay, etc.) In fact the UPI works for subscriptions as well.

@stephen Here’s something that could work. The Navdata subscription is a yearly subscription anyway. And your flagship is the Navigraph Ultimate. Changing the Navdata subscription to a one time option rather than a subscription that renews automatically, should work. But then again, its a big company decision and I wouldn’t interfere in that :slight_smile:

In regard to what Clinton said about Google and Youtube Premium, I believe it only works because he has to load money into his Google Pay account here in India, which I believe even Apple is doing so as to avoid the whole regulatory change. Once I load money into GPay or Apple account, I can then use it to subscribe to a service.

I really appreciate that you’re taking your time out for trying to resolve this instead of just giving up on us. I fly for an airline in India and I absolutely love practicing the route, the approaches prior to actually flying, which is why Navigraph becomes one of the most important piece of the puzzle for me.

Best Regards,


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Hi Clinton. Hello Akhsay.

On my bank statement for Spotify I see “SPOTIFY MUSIC SEK BRAINTREE”.

Can you please tell me what you see?



PCD/2841(last 4 digits of my card) /Spotify SI
That’s followed by a long number do you need that?

Also something that Google has launched today

Thank you.

No, we don’t need that number. Just checking if the there was any more information about payment gateway provider. Thanks!

Most welcome Magnus.

I do hope we’re able to find something that works for us and you guys.

I love your product and it’s something that aids the experience!

Thank you


I just want to join the conversation here and say that I too suffer from no payment method working for purchasing Navigraph. I have 3 different credit cards, all internationally enabled, but none have worked. PayPal doesn’t work either because in India the PayPal accounts function by being linked to credit/debit cards and hence they are also always declined.

You might not be aware but RBI (top financial authority in India) has released new guidelines for international recurring transactions. Many companies like Spotify, Google, Netflix, Disney+ work around this by providing payment gateways which comply with the new guidelines. The new guidelines have “standing instructions” which are added to a bank account so that all recurring transactions can be monitored or tracked.

The problem with Navigraph is that it uses only one payment gateway for all around the world (nets - netaxept) as far as I know. That gateway doesn’t work everywhere and especially doesn’t in India. I request you to please provide a method for India, perhaps even a temporary measure which can have you taking one-time payments instead of subscription-based payments. For example Apple has introduced a “Balance” kind of a wallet system where we can add money and pay for subscriptions until they figure out the subscriptions thing.

India is a huge market for simmers and Navigraph is greatly up and coming in the subcontinent and in our country. It would be an absolute shame that all flight simmers hailing from India, of whom there are so many, would not be able to access the fantastic service that Navigraph is. Please help with providing at least a temporary workaround for this situation.


Any updates regarding the above?



Please understand that whatever happens regarding this issue isn’t going to happen overnight, unfortunately. Rebuilding our subscription model or implementing a new payment gateway is a huge undertaking, which also comes with significant new issues and risks on their own. And doing this for just one market which actually is relatively small (measured before the new restrictions were imposed by RBI) means that we can’t direct all our attention to this topic too. The companies you mention are several orders of magnitude bigger than Navigraph, and have much larger resources to focus on a single market.

That being said - we are actively investigating the different options at hand, and of course we do want everyone to be able to subscribe, regardless of country. But the solution, if there is one, will not be days away but rather weeks or more likely months away unfortunately, just so we can all manage expectations.

Kind regards,


Dear Stephen,

I don’t think terming or making a so-called “market” diminutive is the correct reasoning to stand behind any decision, whether for the better or worse. Our very country or “market” can be a huge avenue for commercial headways and growth in the near future. Already reducing it in a public forum to “small” (which might be factually correct too, nevertheless), especially coming from the co-founder, doesn’t stand respectable for a company which I’m sure holds tremendous aspirations to develop and increase in fame, stature, size, and influence - worldwide. Your efforts in the amazing Charts 8 stand testament to those aspirations.

All that said and put aside, I do understand the difficulties in implementing new methods. My suggestions would be to merely add a temporary method for us to pay for your services, not to rebuild the entire financial architecture with which Navigraph’s subscription model works. Just one extra ad-hoc and temporarily sustainable payment method for the time being. I also know that that will take time so please understand I’m putting no pressure. I appreciate your concerns for the same and will be patient. I am disturbed only by the tone in the first part of your reply, and not the reasoning. Please take my message in good and constructive stead.

I thank you and the Navigraph team for the year-and-a-half that I have enjoyed using Navigraph as an essential tool for my flight simulation. Unfortunately I guess that that won’t be possible now at least for the foreseeable future. Anyways, looking forward to some kind of a solution,

Kind Regards,