Subscription to Navigraph from India

I used to have a monthly Ultimate subscription to Navigraph, but since changes to banking regulations in India some time back, I have been unable to subscribe. Automated recurring payments are no longer supported without some secondary authentication and it appears that the Navigraph payment system does not support it. Many other similar services have found a way around this by providing users possibility of making one-time payments every year. Also, I have found that recurring payments through the Google Play Store is possible. Since Navigraph App is available on Android, could that be a possibility?

I would like to know if some user in India has found an alternate method of making the payment - I have tried both Paypal and direct Credit Card payment options.

Same situation here. I even called up my bank (Axis Bank) and they said that as its an RBI Policy, there is nothing they could do. Paypal also doesn’t work for the same reason.
Im trying other banks and will update the community if one works.

I’ve been in the same boat for several months now. The banks (I’m with Kotak) cannot do anything about this, and folks at Navigraph don’t seem to be able to either (they said so when I reached out). I understand the difficulty, especially when much larger companies like Apple haven’t tackled this issue directly, although there are workarounds. Navigraph has apps, and I really wish we were able to subscribe through Google Play Store or iOS. That’s what I ended up doing for FlightRadar when they too could not process my debit card, but I could pay for the subscription through the Play Store, and it all works well. It’d be great if Navigraph allowed us that option. To be honest, without the integrated apps that you offer, my flight sim experience is greatly reduced.

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