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Yes i understand FlightSim is a very niche market and India is not a priority. India hasn’t been a target market for years now with sceneries or ATC or even flight sim hardware. But now with MSFS, alot of streamers and simmers a like are really taking notice.

In your own words, since it’s a small market and compared to other markets you may only see a very small part of purchases from India, i feel it could be possible to have just one purchase option a yearly one without any renewal or subscription service.

It would really make our day and Simming alot more fun.

Fingers crossed.


This is the reply bank had said. The problem is from merchant side as per bank statement.

This is bank statement. As per their saying problem is from merchant side

Javed juneja

The problem is probably (pretty certainly) from the payment gateway which Navigraph uses - NETS Netaxept…I have written to their support team too concerning the fact that NO credit cards registered in India are working on their gateway. I think it’s due to non-compliance with the new RBI guidelines, standing instructions etc

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Regarding Nets - it doesn’t matter. We are soon changing payment provider from Nets to Braintree, one of the biggest PSPs in the world. Unfortunately it won’t change the situation for users in India, Braintree also cannot process subscription payments in India, just like Nets. And just like PayPal, perhaps the biggest PSP in the world.

As mentioned in this thread, it appears a solution need to be some sort of work around and deviation from standard procedure, as it doesn’t seem like global PSPs are able to comply with those RBI guidelines, for now at least. We are still researching the topic.




Hey Stephen.

I was just wondering if you know of any virtual cards that we can purchase? You know like pre-paid cards or gift cards that you can load money in. We could possibly buy those and use them and then every month use those cards??

I’m happy to try anything at this point :rofl:

Thank you.

Yes, the RBI guidelines were updated completely out of sync and it’s got all of us in limbo…glad to know some kind of workaround might be getting looked at by you guys. As Clint said, some kind of a “wallet”, where we can load virtual money and from which then Navigraph can deduct subscription payments as a temporary thing…just a suggestion. If there is insufficient balance in the wallet then ofc the subscription doesn’t get renewed. It could be like a 2-step process.


This is probably what puzzles me the most. How could RBI implement such a breaking change without getting major PSPs on board?

I am now using visa credit card of South Africa still same problem coming. Pl see there is something wrong with my account setting. Pl tell netaxept about it if require. Because it is now not accepting any card of india and South Africa

Javed juneja

Eventually i subscribed through african card. It was not accepting directly card then i first save card from add payment method option and subscribed by selecting last payment used option and it accepted payment and subscription done. Thanks tried so many methods from so many days and today it done

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