Subscription Service Unavailable (error)

I went to try to download the latest AIRAC for Pro ATC SR and the list is empty. So, when I went to my account, it says I don’t have an active subscription (even though I can access the updates via the data manager for msfs) and the spinning loading icon keeps spinning below it. When I try to click on the subscription Get Started button, I get an error that the Subscription Service is unavailable. My profile is empty and there are no records of my past transactions. What is happening?


We’re investigating. Please standby.


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Is there any updates to this? I have been trying for the last few hours to change my payment details and renew my subscription and have been met with the same problems as the opening post.

We did issue an update that hopefully should have fixed the problem around 6 hours ago. You have tried again after that? Please make sure you sign out and then sign in again to the Navigraph website before trying again.



many thanks signing out and back in did the trick

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