Missing "none" transition on STAR, NZNS


When I’m flying to NZNS using the STAR GUSDU2A or GUSDU1B I’m beginning the STAR at GUSDU (as I’m coming from NSWN). There’s also a transition before GUSDU at DALKI, and in the PMS050 (in the Black Sq. Caravan 208) I’m unable to select NO transition, as there’s only one to select from (Dalki).

I’m solving this by going direct to GUSDU when I’m approaching it.

Is this a problem with the PMS050 or is it with the STAR in Navigraph?



Hi Peter,
not sure, if this is a PMS issue or not - it looks so because when I try the same in the default 787 I can select the DALKI transition, or not.

Here a screenshot from the default stock 787:

You see, here I have select only the STAR but I could also select the DALKI transition, which is (of course) included in our data and also designed as transition.

So my assumption is really a PMS50 issue here. You can simple try it by your own with the 787 or the FBW A320, or also aircrafts with the G1000/G3000 devices. In all cases, you can (or not) the DALKI transition.

Sorry, but I can see any navdata issue on our side.


Thanks for your reply!
I tested this in the default Asobo King Air 350 too, and it behaves the same as the PMS50 in the Caravan 208. I’m unable to not select any transition, and DALKI is selected and default. So it’s not an error in the PMS50 then, more in msfs?

Thanks for the report, could be, we can’t really debug it … Our only chance is to show in the data directly plus possible other references in the MSFS (as with the 787). Thats exatcly the reason, why the major addon developer uses own databases because only with this way you’re independ of any possible side-effects from changes with SUs/WUs.


Thank you very much for your assistance in this issue. I’m just going to continue using Direct to GUSDU, so it’s not a big deal. I also know that it’s not a bug in Navigraph.


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