Specific approach chart is not displayed on PC, but shown on iPad

Hello. I could see RKPK airport’s visual approach chart on iPad navigraph charts, but not on navigraph charts desktop client. Please check if you can see VISUAL APCH(19-1) on Unspecified runway both on iPad and Desktop and help me fix this problem asap.

Kindly regards, Kim.

You need to switch to ‘Standard IFR Charts’ in your desktop settings.

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Hello. Thanks for your quick reply. Even though I tried changing it to Standard IFR and refreshing, it didn’t show up. Do I have to do something after changing the chart mode?

Edit: My current flight plan was set to Airline charts. Thanks for your help.

Change to Standard mode in settings and save.

Search and reload RKPK once more.

Visual approach chart 19-1 is listed at the foot of the approaches tab

Okay. Thanks again for your kind help.

Hi Kim,

With thanks also to Stephen, also sometimes you need to unload/reload the Charts iPad app for settings changes to become effective.


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