Some routes only give direct option

Recently I’ve noticed that more often than not certain routes only give a direct airfield to airfield option for the route. Example, LEAM to EGPC will only give a direct but LEAM to EGCC (effectively part of the way to EGPC) will give 4 different route options.

It’s not something that’s been an issue until recently. What might be the issue? I changed no settings between trying the two above routes.


This is normal(ish). Basically SimBrief works mostly on route databases, so if you try to create a flight that very few other users have ever flown, it may not return a route.

When that happens, try getting a route from other sources, and copy/pasting it into the SimBrief route field. This has the side effect of also adding that route to the database when you generate your flight, so that it can be suggested to other users in the future. :slight_smile:

Other route sources, for example, include edi-gla, GRD,, RouteFinder. Also you can also try the Autorouter feature in Navigraph Charts if have an Unlimited subscription.

We are of course constantly working on improving SimBrief’s auto suggestions as well. For example, the Navigraph Charts autorouter might be incorporated in the future for cases where SimBrief itself can’t find a route.

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