SKPC missing

Hello dear staff… I’ve noticed that in the current database, the airport with ICAO code SKPC is not longer available. With previous versions, I flew without any issues towards this airport, which it’s also listed on the chart plates. However, the current NAV database doesn’t have it.

I had to create a customized runway (RWY07) through the MCDU option, because when I wanted to insert FROM/TO to initialize the ACARS, the airport appeared as invalid. However, after creating the runway, I noticed that I could select the STAR and the approach. The opposite runway was still missing anyways (RWY25)

I hope you can fix this issue in the upcoming AIRAC version.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

may I ask which simulator and which addon do you use? These are essential information for us because we have SKPC (runway 07/25) in our database, including terminal procedures.

Thank you

Hello Sir… thank you for your kind replay. I have no idea what the root of the problem could be. All I know is that this situation didn’t happen in previous AIRAC cycles.
My set up:
Xplane 12 12.06b4, Toliss A319, and a free scenery pack for this airport. SKPC.DAT file is in the correct folder where it should be.

thanks! To be sure, you can select SKPC with the two runways 07/25 in the XP12 default map? Does this airport with these runway exist in XP12?


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