Simlink working on iMac

Hi, I just installed Navigraph Charts on my iMac with version11.1 How can I connect it to X-Plane 11.51r3 in order to get moving map working? Regards, Henk

Hi Henk,


The Charts for macOS download includes Charts for macOS and Simlink.

You should see the two actions required (drag and Install) when you run the installer.

You access Simlink and Plugin Settings etc via Simlink Icon top right macOS Status Bar:

Check the X-Plane path is correct in Plugin Settings as per FAQ - Simlink Install and Systray

Please let us know how you get on.


Hi Ian,

Thank you for your prompt reaction. I installed Simlink and it appeared in my APP’s map in Findings. However, Simlink doesn’t appear in my MacOS Status Bar so I cannot open the menu for entering the Simlink settings. The plugin doesn’t appear in the X-Plane>Resources>Plugins map either, not even after I refreshed X-Plane.

Please, could you help me again?



Hi Henk,

We are testing a new Simlink for macOS. I suggest you wait for that.
In the meantime please use Charts Cloud. It has the same functionality.


Hello Henk!

We recently released a new version of Simlink which, among other things, adds support for macOS Big Sur. Would you be able to try the new update and see if it yields any positive results for your situation?

Please see my post in macOS 11 Big Sur: Simlink Hangs, X-Plane Cannot Launch - #22 by skysail for details.