Simlink not conected into msfs

When I start MSFS 2020 thein-game panel appears, but the sign in procedure (i.e. QR procedure) does not appear. I can see aready map, but if I click on the top arrow this message appear

If I try ro start simlink this new message appears


In Navigraph Navdata Center, please Remove/Install
As a test, please set your default browser to Chrome, and restart computer. Start MSFS, and In-Game Panel. In Account Settings top right, Sign out

When you use your iDevice camera app to hover over QR code, you should be prompted with link to Touch this and you should be further prompted to sign in on your iDevice. Once you do so Navigraph Charts should open on your MSFS computer.

Alternately you can click on the Navigraph link, where you can enter the Code given on screen.


Dear Ian, thanks for your prompt reply. Shall I click on “remove” and than “install” in Navigraph Navdata Center before restarting computer?

Yes, that would be good. Please let us know how you get on.


I regret to inform you that the situation has remained the same. Do you think it is possible for you to work on my computer by anydesk or teamviwer?

I’m sorry Ian, but since it seems there is no solution, I will be forced to withdraw my subscription.