Simlink does not link

After updating to the new AIRAC 2111, started a new flight (Windows 10, XPlane 11.55) and all was working. During flight Navigraph lost connection with the simulator. Since then I keep trying but Simlink keeps asking for the user to sign in to the Navigraph account (which I did successfully each time) and stays waiting for “user authentication …”. In recent past, Simlink had a habit to stop but could be made to work again signing in; it generally opened a browser window with the Navigraph sign-in page. Not anymore, no auto-opening of the sign-in page nor recognizing a normal sign-in. There is no version number shown with Simlink, but I re-downloaded and installed the current release from the official site which still isn’t working.

Still unknown why it didn’t open the sign-in page, neither it didn’t accept being already signed in. However having totally uninstalled Simlink, closed browser, rebooted OS, reinstalled Simlink, it now works as expected.

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