SimBrief with X-Plane & 777 World Liner

I created a flight plan on SimBrief and am trying to download it to the Boeing 777, however when I go to SimBrief downloader there are no flight plans. Next to “Latest Flight Plan” is Flight data not available, please click here to generate a flightplan"e. When I click on it, I’m taken back to four options, none of which are to download. Does SimBrief generate an flp file which can be used with the Boeing aircraft?

Any help would be appreciated
I have X-Plane 11.55, 777 Worldliner 1.10.6
Operating System - MacBook Pro M1. 12.4.


In SimBrief, click “New Flight” to start a new flight plan. Then, once the options are set, make sure to click “Generate Flight” (not “Save Flight” - this only saves the options if you want to reload them later, but doesn’t actually create the flight plan).

After you click “Generate Flight”, the flight should appear in the Downloader and you’ll be able to download the .flp file.

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Thank you. That was simple. Appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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