Simbrief downloaded

I create a FP in Simbrief and download it into Navigraph charts and MSFS.
Thats great - no issues
Might seem a daft question but is Simbrief downloader program required to do this?
Or can it be exported without using Simbrief downloader program loaded on my PC ie other means of exporting program?
Simbrief downloader program is 355mb on my pc C drive - tiny but ive practically nothing left !!
Thanks for any help

Hi Steve,

After you press the Generate Flight you can use the Flight Plan Downloads to individually download the flight plan to the folders and in the format you need.

However you will need to specify the folders each time.

The SimBrief Downloader automates this process and saves a deal of effort. I recommend you prune your C drive of other apps and/or data to make the SimBrief Downloader available.


Yes done that using Treesize.
Now sorted
Many thanks

Hi Steve,

You are welcome. Glad it is sorted.

Happy flying.


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