SimBrief to Navigraph integration

While creating a flight from KICT to K46U simbrief created a proper OFP for the flight. The problem arose when creating the flight within Navigraph and importing the data from simbrief. Navigraph does not recognize K46U as an airport. It brings up “K46U does not exist in our airports”. Either SimBrief or Navigraph need to be corrected for proper integration.

try 46U … normally ALPINA has only a three-letter airport code. In some addons, we add the K to get a 4-letter code because a few addons doesn´t accept 3-letter airport identifier. Therefore this is a little bit tricky. Try 46U in the charts and you will find it …


Thank you for your timely response. The issue comes when creating a flight in Simbrief, say once again from KICT to 46u. Simbrief auto populates K46U, so after you generate the OFP it is saved in the Simbrief system to be exported to other apps ie. Navigraph and others. The problem is, is that Navigraph does not recognize K46U as an airport, so when you attempt to import a flight by selecting New Flight and choosing From Simbrief it will not create the flight since K46U does not exist in your airports. Being that Navigraph acquired Simbrief you may/should have them communicate correctly. Give the above flight a shot to see what I’m referring too.

Thanks for your time.

Warren, thats right and at the moment not changeable. SimBrief uses a own database and the charts also. Both systems are still not merged and worked intependent.

Again, it’s a little bit tricky because also SimBrief exports into several addon formats and as I wrote, nearly all expect a 4-letter code only. But we (for the charts) must use the original code, to get the correct charts.

We will discuss this internally how we can handle this in the future.

Thank you