SimBrief Server

Is the SimBrief server down? I’m unable to connect.


The Simbrief server is working fine. Please advise symptoms preferably with screenshots using Guide to posting Screenshots. Have you been able to connect?


Thank you for your quick response. Here’s the message I’m getting after a time-out loading the site.
I ran the Windows Network Diagnostics and got this message:
Problem Found
The remote device or resource won’t accept the connection - detected

                                                   This site can't be reached took too long to respond.

  • Checking the connection
  • Checking the proxy and the firewallchrome-error://chromewebdata/#buttons
  • Running Windows Network Diagnostics<javascript:diagnoseErrors()>

Please advise. Thank you

Ian, information I forget to include – I have 2 computer setups and I’m getting the same error message on the other pc. I’m able to log into all my normal email, accounts, apps, etc., without a problem including Navigraph.

Paul Kuhn

I’m getting the same error, ERR_CONNECTION_TIME OUT. Two different computers. All other internet related stuff working fine.

(Making this post from one of those computers) Location SW USA
Tommy Harrell

There haven’t been any server outages recently that I’m aware of.

But I looked into this a bit, and I noticed that you guys both appear to be with the same ISP. I doubt that’s a coincidence.

The first thing to try would be to simply flush your DNS. Instructions here: Flush DNS - How and why to clear your DNS cache - What's My DNS?

If that doesn’t work, you could also try using a different DNS server. By default you’re probably using your ISP’s DNS, which could cause the problem if they have any issues or outages on their end.

This article explains how to change your DNS settings on Windows and Mac if you’d like to try it: How to Change Your DNS Server on Windows 10 and Mac : HelloTech How

Personally I use Google’s Public DNS, the DNS IP addresses are: and . Also make sure to flush your DNS again after changing the DNS servers.

Otherwise, it’s possible that this will just fix itself shortly on its own, so you could also just wait and see if it works again tomorrow.

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I’m also running into the same issue, both with Google DNS and without, but only from my home network’s IP. I can still access it from other networks, like via a VPN or on my phone using cellular data.

Any attempt to even ping Simbrief just outright fails, so I’m almost wondering if maybe a few of us got inadvertently IP blocked from the site’s servers or providers for some reason (I have no idea how Simbrief operates on the backend).

I can get a new IP if absolutely necessary, but it’s not my favorite process to go through if I can avoid it.

I am also experiencing the ERR_CONNECTION_TIME OUT issue on my PC. I can log into SimBrief just fine on mobile, just not my PC.

Edit: Resolved here.

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and now I’m back. Very good.

Thank you for your support and follow-up. I too am back up and communicating via the network and the program.

Curious as to what was the problem?

Thanks again

Glad it’s back for everyone!

No idea what the issue was, but everyone who posted in this thread is with the same ISP. Most likely we’ll never know the real cause, could have been anything from a misconfiguration or firewall issue on their end, to a breakage or maintenance that happened somewhere along the cables between SimBrief’s server and your ISP.

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