Simbrief route not matching the map or navigraph

The simbrief route is (KTTA/03 N0403F410 DCT PEETT Q99 UMBRE Q22 FOXWD Q439 BEEKN Q480 ENE Q822 EBKID DCT CYFC/15) but when you look to the map on the right of the route it has a lot more waypoints and when I load the simbrief flight into navigraph it matches the simbrief map. Why does the route detail in simbrief not show all the nav points?


If you press the edit icon in the top right corner of Navigraph Charts you will see the same route as shown in SimBrief.

The visual display in both apps will show all intermediate waypoints along airways. The route string only includes the entry and exit points of each airway segment. That is why the visual display shows more waypoints than the route string.